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May 22, 2013



I found a "very good" condition copy on AMazon and bought it sight unseen based on your advice. My next sweater is going to be my own creation, starting with a plain cardigan knit in pieces, so this hopefully will help with the design process. Do you have any other design books?


Thank you for the book reference, I will be hunting this one down. The new book on pattern drafting by Sally Melville touches on similar topics (and is an all-around terrific addition to a library) but what your sleeve cap reminds me most of is one I have found in several Rowan patterns designed by Kim Hargreaves. The height of the cap seems to suit me better than just about any alternative.

Caroline M

I found my own knit night to be a test of my skills, following four conversations and a pattern was always beyond me and I learned to stick to simple socks.

I did once read all about sleeve caps and had that lightbulb moment of revelation as I came to understand how it was that the two things fitted together and where ease came from. There are some fascinating subjects in knitting and sleeve design is one of them.

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