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May 01, 2013



So glad you're back. All of your projects are fabulous, as usual. Looking forward to seeing more, especially lace. It's a rabbit hole, to be sure!


Very sexy computer. All the Apple users I know rave about their product support and customer service. Perhaps I will convert one day.

And I love your self-designed jacket. I like to design my own stuff too, cuz then it is precisely, exactly the way I want it to me.

I've been an equally bad blogger (if not worse) for various reasons, but as soon as I get my daughter out of the hospital I intend to get back to it.


Your projects are all lovely!

I'm glad you got the new Mac, but sorry you have to do so much work to get everything back in order. John & I between us had literally thousands of CDs when we "merged" years ago, and added a lot to them before the digital age. I eventually burned them all to my hard drive and have them backed up on a separate drive in a safe place, since we got rid of the original CDs long ago.

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