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May 07, 2013


Caroline M

I suspect that my oldest knitting still in captivity is a bed jacket that I made for my mother in the mid 70's. I haven't seen in in years but I'm sure she still has it, I'd like to see whether I fixed the mistake that I remember in the collar.

Those beads are a lovely match for the yarn, it's so difficult to colour match at a distance. I'm using that as an excuse for buying three bags of beads at a time in the hope that one of them will be right.


I think I mark about 50 years of knitting soon as well. None of my early efforts survive (thank goodness - what was I thinking with that Kelly green acrylic?) I remember the 70’s when quality yarn was hard to come by and my first edition Knitting Without Tears, which changed my knitting life! So glad you're venturing into beaded knitting. As usual, with everything you do, you will excel. Love the choice of yarn and beads. I have two more kits on order using gradience yarns (my new obsession) and beads.


Tendrils is a beautiful project. It will be fun to play with silk and beads in the hot weather--if we ever get any. I have my old knitting and still use it--mostly afghans. I do have one ancient crocheted sweater. It was a difficult fair isle design. Although I can fit in it, I'd never wear it again.


I didn't start knitting until rather late in life, so I have a ways to go till the 50 year mark! I do remember my very first sweater though, it was quite horrifying. Each successive sweater has been better.

Welcome to the dark side of beaded lace!

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