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December 23, 2012



Having been through a major remodel, I can empathize. But it's so nice when it's done and the memories of all the hassles fade away. Thank goodness for knitting! It makes all those potential boring moments bearable!


So glad you're back! I've missed your posts. Glad to hear your absence was for a good cause. :)

Caroline M

You have my sympathies - this is why I try hard to veto all "improvements". It's not having the work done so much as the getting ready and clearing away and then the continual aggravation of having spare people underfoot.

The little jacket is a lovely colour, I'm not sure that "parrot" comes close to doing it justice.


I hate the process of remodeling; such a mess. It will be nice when it's done though.
I had to laugh at your mention of "very little that is suitable for children's sweaters". This is exactly why I keep buying yarn, I suppose. What I need to do instead of picking a pattern and then realizing I have nothing to knit it with, I need to pick the YARN that I already have, then find a pattern that will work.

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