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May 06, 2012



Congratulations on the new Mac. I do the same thing when I get a new computer - use it as an opportunity to weed out the clutter. Your garden is really a thing of beauty. We've reluctantly accepted the fact that we are not really gardeners, but our Farmer's Market should be starting up soon and we're going to become regulars. Mars is really beautiful! I can see why you're smitten.


I'm envious of your new computer. What a huge screen! I spend way too much time squinting at the wee screen of my wee laptop.

Caroline M

The weather here doesn't know what to do, warm and dry and then cold and wet (very wet). Getting the grass dry enough to cut has been tricky, it's needed nerves of steel and a good weather forecast.

I have chives, must try them in vinegar.


Gorgeous colours! Iam definitely going to try the chive flowers in vinegar. Do you do it the minute they bloom, or.....?


How's your garden doing now, in this heat?

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