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March 20, 2012



Gorgeous! Congratulations. And I love the dropped shoulders. It's such a neat traditional look and makes the pattern on the sleeves line up so beautifully with the pattern on the body.

Caroline M

Thank you for showing the facings, it does really neaten up the edges. Lovely work, it will be all fresh and new for you come the winter.


Beautiful!! What a fantastic job you did on this sweater!


Wow. Very nice and such attention to detail. Congrats, a sweater of which to be proud.


Words fail me! It is absolutely stunning. Thanks for the inside view. It's just as beautiful as the outside. Let it snow!


Wonderful, fabulous! You should be very proud. I think the inside is quite stylish, having seen a few inside-out stranded sweaters in the shops lately.

Linda M

Bravo!!!! If it ever needs a new home I would be honored to adopt it! Seriously, you have every right to be extremely proud of your work. I hope you will enter it in your state fair this fall. It deserves a blue ribbon.

(Not that) Joan

Bravo Marjorie, it is a tour de force and as beautiful inside as out (it puts me to mind of really good cross-stitching). Well done to the photographer, too!

I will enjoy looking over your shoulder to see how Mara progresses.

Evi in Iowa

Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. What a wonderful accomplishment. Makes my fingers itch to try my luck. Bravo, bravo !!


It's absolutely gorgeous! You did an excellent job from start to finish. Definitely an heirloom to be most proud of!

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