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January 19, 2012



I think you'll find that as time goes on, those irregularities will even out. I look at my first stranded project now, which has been washed many times, and I'm amazed at the evenness of the stitches. I'm quite sure they weren't that even to begin with. You may know, but the general public will not. They will just be looking at one gorgeous sweater!!

Wool Enough

No one else will notice, and the stitches will even out over time. And I believe you took on an extra challenge by using white as a contrasting color. White is such an extreme contrast with any dark color that even tiny differences become more noticeable. Had you knit the sweater in blue and green, for instance, you might never have observed any irregularities. So give yourself an extra pat on the back for this huge accomplishment.

(Another/Not That)  Joan

I think we tend to be our own worst critics, and as Dorothy and Wool Enough said before me, it will all be fine with a little time.

It didn't snow this weekend, did it? I'm looking forward to a picture-laden post recounting your first adventure with steeking!

Caroline M

A few washings will sort everything out and no-one else would ever notice a quarter inch difference on a sweater sleeve. The trousers I buy for my son often have one leg half an inch longer than the other, I wouldn't have noticed except that I had to take them up.

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