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December 04, 2011



Congratulations to you for not "side stepping" your civic "duty". My husband is Chief Circuit Judge of our county and always says there is a shortage of a "jury of peers". Everyone wants someone like them selves on their jury if they should have to have one, so good for you that you didn't ask to be excused. Also, being married to a knitter, he always let the jury knit until the lawyers complained of the "clicking" and got knitting banned in the courtroom.


I'm impressed that you were willing to make the attempt at jury duty. In my area it is ugly, uncomfortable, and dangerous. The screening machines mostly don't work, so weapons are often to be seen. Although given a choice between being threatened with a knife (it happened) and a 6:30 AM train . . . well, it's a coin toss.

The hat looks great. Hat crowns are more difficult than most realize, I think. You have to increase or decrease at just the right rate to get a good shape. Nice job!

Caroline M

You can't beat warm and comfortable in a hat. That seemed to be a painless service, it's not something I have any experience of as I've never been called.

Judy G.

I've never been called for jury duty, but I can't imagine trying to duck it. (except that I might be too biased one way or the other. While my opinions may be unfounded, they are usually strong and unreasonable. My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts, etcetera.)

That is a cosy-looking hat. It almost makes me wish we were having cold weather here this year. Almost.

Happy New Year!


Hello Marge, I hope 2012 is treating you all right. I am looking forward to seeing Sirdal in all its finished beauty sometime soon. Happy New Year!

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