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November 14, 2011



Your weather reminds me of my college days in Vermont. Our sports calendar went directly from lacrosse in September to ice hockey in October. Cuz, y'know, it's hard to play football in three feet (or more) of snow.


Caroline M

I'm still picking tomatoes, I don't know how they keep ripening but they only need a day or two inside to go from pink to all the way red.

I struggle with mirror images, as a quilter I would always end up with a mix of blocks if it was possible to make them in left and right handed versions even when I was taking care. I take extra care with gloves and mittens because unless I put my hand over them I really can't see the difference in what I'm knitting. It looks right all the way up to the moment when it's so very clearly wrong. I guess you know that feeling all too well.

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