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October 23, 2011



Beautiful. Thank you for the bind-off tip too, it looks absolutely flawless.

Caroline M

I'm rarely happy with my cast off edges in lace, it's the reason I like a knitted on edging. Yours looks lovely and was well worth however long it took you.


That bindoff looks really nifty. Interestingly my ancient "Guide to Needlework" has something it calls a "suspended bindoff," but the process is not the same. I think perhaps the major difference is that your approach tackles the first stitch purlwise and that is what produces such a pretty edge. The bindoff in my book produces an edge that is just like the traditional/classic one, just a bit looser.


Your shawls look spectacular! I will definitely try that bindoff!


The shawl is gorgeous. I've not seen that bind off before. Have you done a sewn bind off using a tapestry needle before? The edge looks a little like that.

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