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August 20, 2011


Linda M.

Wow, you are brave to post those photos but I imagine the accountability to yourself feels good. The treasures from your mother's stash are wonderful! I remember Viyella fabric. I think I had a blouse or two made from it and that they were soft and warm.

Caroline M

Thank you for that, it makes me feel so much better about that fourth box I recently had to buy.


Pikers, all of you. My yarn database says that I have yarn to make 210 pairs of socks, 30 sweaters, and 77 lace projects. That's not counting the pre-yarn (unspun fiber); I don't have that entered into the database yet. Those numbers should embarrass me. I finally got them moved into a more visible closet hoping that if they're in plain sight, I'll be less tempted to buy more yarn.
Boy, is that last red sock yarn gorgeous. I probably have some red sock yarn, though... :-)

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