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August 17, 2011



I had to laugh a little at your post because I see so much of myself in it. For someone who, about 20 years ago, said to her husband that she couldn't imagine why anyone would want a personal computer, I must admit to a slight addiction. I like being connected! Don't get me wrong - I have a very active social life with real, living human beings, but I like the electronic ones too. Most of my projects now come from seeing others on Ravelry or reading about them on blogs. Glad you're back in cyberspace. The shawl is coming along nicely. I, too, tend to make my mistakes on the easy parts!

Caroline M

I had to laugh too because we were disconnected this morning for three hours when the electricity went off. It hits you in all sorts of unexpected ways, I thought I'd be unaffected washing fleece until I realised that I couldn't boil a kettle, put the boiler on for more hot water or throw together another storage bag. I suppose that I could have hand sewn it but there again I could have just waited for the power to come on.

I had three days with no internet last week, I missed it for the first day but then after that I didn't think about it much.


I'm sorry that I had to laugh at this, I'm sure you didn't think it was funny at the time. I suspect your neighbor was very mortified. The shawl looks lovely!


My sincere condolences on your disconnect!

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