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May 24, 2011



We haven't even begun to think of a garden yet! Still rainy and cold here. If we're lucky, we may hit 70 today, but I'm not counting on it. I'm looking at laceweight for summer too. Maybe something complicated like the Wedding Ring Shawl. I think I'll sit down tonight and contemplate.


The title to this post makes me smile, Marjorie. We've had the same problem here, in CO, not much sun. Unlike you, though, we haven't had any rain. That Starmore project looks a great one for late summer and fall. It's beautiful. Your start on your shawl looks good. The start is the fun part for me. The progress seems greater when the rows are short. You must have a little more free time now. It's good to see you blogging again.

Caroline M

We have had the opposite Spring, sunny and very very dry. We drained the water butts weeks ago and have to get the hose pipe out every other day. Even the bamboo has been wilting. It meant that I went off knitting that bit sooner this year.


You have some optimistic projects! If we ever get summer here I might drag out the lace.

Judy G.

Ooohhh! Wing of the Moth looks lovely! Regarding slugs- a friend of mine had slugs but her husband wouldn't let her use his beer in the traps. She put out creme de menthe instead; probably to attract a better class of slugs.


How is your garden looking now, in mid to late June?

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