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February 20, 2011


Linda M. (lulabellebird on rav)

thanks for sharing the pictures. I can't imagine going through exterior renovations in the middle of the winter. Hope all of you have stayed warm throughout the process.

Linda (Linda74 on rav)

I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading every post from 2006 through to 2/1/11.
The long intermission was starting to concern me, so I'm relieved to know you're fine.

Caroline M

These things always take much longer than you hope. There's nowhere to get away from the disruption when you work at home, gritting your teeth and telling yourself it is all for the best only works for so long. It's bad enough having noise, dust and sudden draughts but it's worse when you know you're paying for the upset.

Rodney Orton

Don't you have photos of the interior? It's quite interesting how you're renovating your house. It looks good on the outside -- at least, for me. Aren't you gonna do some changes on the roofing? We're also planning to do some redesigning in our house, but it still kinda snowy here in Omaha. So we might postpone it for a little while.

Brendan Gertner

We also had our exterior renovated by the contractor in Vancouver just to make our place look presentable again, since it looks pretty beaten up due to the storms in the past. Man, I just wish that after all these repairs to my roofing, sidings, and all, nothing would penetrate our home again.

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