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January 01, 2011



Very nice shawl. So large, too! I find that my shawl is my most-often worn item of apparel. It's the perfect thing for chilly mornings.

Caroline M

It's interesting about the Scrabble bag not having internal seams because I saw one in a book made as a doubleweave project. You weave a tube inside a tube and the tubes interlace to make the casing for the cord. I couldn't see why anyone would go to such lengths in construction when it was so much easier to weave flat pieces and seam them. Now I know why.

The shawl is a lovely soft colour and looks warm and soft, just what you want.


Who knew there were rules for Scrabble tile bags?!

I love the shawl. And I'm sitting here laughing at you cropping your head out of the photo...I should probably do that more often myself. That shawl pattern is definitely on my to-do list.

Brad Fallon

Perfect shawl! Looks very soft and warm...

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