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December 26, 2010


Caroline M

I'm just finishing my second pair of fingerless mitts because it's been cold enough to wear them in the house. I don't like the look of them but I'd rather be warm than chic.

Your storm was on our news tonight so you did well to get your photo when you did.


Marjorie, I've been in a similar boat with the blogging as the new job (and travel for it) has been throwing off my routine in a major way. I have been doing some knitting, but I feel like I'm not getting anything done. Also have been doing some sewing (and have finished a number of dresses) but have not been able to take pictures of them when I wear them due to the same lack of morning daylight problem. When the sun comes out I'm already on the train. But the job is going very well and I am making a real difference here, so I am super gratified about that.

I really like the shawl you made - simple and non-fussy, yet elegant. I like Will's mitts too and the pose he struck to model them. He may have a part-time modeling career ahead of him!

Speaking of stranded projects, I am getting a hankering to start a fair isle project. Trying now to decide if I want to get the Knit Picks kit for the Autumn Rose Pullover. I think I would make it in the original colors (that they have selected in their house yarn, Palette.) I haven't read good things about the original yarn used in the design so I might not be missing anything with a sub, and the price is super economical.

Happy New Year! I hope to be more connected at some point!

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