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November 18, 2010



Oopsie. Can you try to just drop back that little section and add in the YOs? It might be worth a try...

Caroline M

My experience is that howling errors magically vanish on blocking. Once the whole thing is on show at the same time you take in the overall effect and your eyes slide right over the odd blemish. I found this the hard way, I'd made something which involved knitting six stitches together and earlier on I'd not got the hang of it and I'd knitted four or five together and dropped the rest. I'd caught the stray stitches on scrap yarn to fix them later. When I'd finished I couldn't find the scrap yarn loops never mind the dropped stitches. I had to look at each pattern repeat one by one to find them.


I often read of shawls finished in a week, or at least within a few weeks. However, my shawl projects never go that quickly. It doesn't matter in the long run. I can't remember how long it took me to knit the shawl I'm wearing right now. I just know that I'm wearing it almost every day. (It's the Feather and Fan shawl, from the pattern right next to the Wool Peddler.)


This one has been on my list for a while. On Ravelry, Cyxa has a Wool Peddler's where she started it as a Faroese shawl with one of the beginnings from Stahman's and then finished it as a Wool Peddler's. Take a look! She calls it "Faroese Peddler's Shawl."


I am probably even more myopic than you are - I am -7.25 in the left eye and -5.5 in the right. Can you top that?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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