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October 14, 2010



One of my goals next year is to perhaps start doing more modifying or designing sweaters to more suit me. Practice will entail redrafting the sleeves on the Cambridge Jacket I'm knitting for my son. As written, the sleeves are about 3 inches too wide. So I'm breaking out my Sweaters 101 book to redo them. I keep putting it off, but really need to get working on it as the rest of the sweater is all done.

Caroline M

It's worth taking the time to get a knit that fits because then (provided you made good notes and kept them safe) you've got the basis for many sweaters to come. I know what I like in sleeve width and length and all future sweaters have to be similar to that or I'm not going to wear them.

I'm having trouble seeing to knit at night, more lighting is clearly the answer and I should maybe look at that on my Christmas list.


Those socks don't look like much of a traveling project to me, either. I look forward to seeing your new sweater design in progress.

(Another)  Joan

Whew, I'm glad you're not starting the Oregon Vest anytime soon... I'm not ready (not only time-wise, competence-wise). Let me try my hand at a stranded hat pattern first. BTW my second knitting project ever was a Phildar cardigan in jacquard, 4 colors. My inexperience showed. Alice Starmore deserves better than that!

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