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September 08, 2010



I'm surprised to learn that you're not inherently a neat, organized person! Neither am I.


Oh my, you really do have your work cut out for you. Hubby wants to put a wood floor in my sewing room, which means moving everything out and I am dreading it. I really need to seriously destash my magazines. I'm struggling with maintaining a Quilters' Newsletter stash that goes back to the 70's. Do I really need them all? I drooled over the photo of all the silk threads - lovely! As for spinning - a wheel really doesn't take up all that much room. When I get back I'll send you a photo of my sewing room. :p

Caroline M

I do periodically prune my stash, like Dorothy above I too had a collection of QNM's that took feet of space. Ebay was the answer for me, I was happy knowing that my unloved stuff had gone to someone who would appreciate it. I never missed it all.

Fran W

Good for you! I have to really keep after myself to stay at all organized. Sometimes I do better than others:) My knitting stash and supplies could really use a good sorting through - hopefully I will get to that this winter. Hope to meet you in Rhinebeck this year!


Get rid of the fabric and the sewing machine(s) and you'll have lots of room for a wheel and fibre. :-) (I'm teasing. Sort of.)

Judy G.

Good on you! Nothing like a little tidying up to relieve mental and physical clutter.

I still use my 1988 Kenmore zig-zagger- I would take it as a sign from God that I am not supposed to steek if I stepped on the throttle and the guts ejected. Just sayin'.


I'm glad to see that someone else is a "collector" like I am. I try never to let it get to the point of having to make my way through a maze to get to the computer.

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