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September 22, 2010



Very pretty yarn. It must have gotten better with age.


That's a beautiful colorway of Koigu! Have fun making your wish list!

Caroline M

I have a good rummage twice a year, bagging anything that's unpacked itself and making sure that there is nothing in there eating my wool. My discoveries are usually in the "whatever was I thinking of?" category rather than three skein jackpots like yours.

Fran W

I would have loved to go to stitches this year, but it is not working out - primarily because the classes I was most interested in where booked by the time I realized registration was open. I will be more diligent next year.

I love your socks... I too have that pattern earmarked and have for many years. Maybe seeing your socks progress will encourage me to get mine started.


Most of the Koigu that I have seen is multi-colored. That purple is just beautiful. And what fun you must have been having with all that rummaging and sorting out.

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