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July 08, 2010



The heat has finally come to us, but we have no a/c to fall back on. Very few homes in our area are air conditioned. However, it also almost always cools off at night, so we can at least sleep. For the hot weather I've fallen back on socks and cotton dishcloths. Even lace eludes me at the moment because my brain is sizzling. Of course, for us that is a mere 80 degrees, but we are notorious heat wimps in the Pacific Northwest! The linen jacket is going to be stunning. Hope it comes to fruition because the cold weather hits.

Caroline M

I am a recent convert to the recorder. My son's music school has recorder groups at all levels of experience and the beginners are the screeching school recorders that I first think of. The senior groups have bass, tenor and tiny (soprano?) recorders and I would pay to listen to them

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Your heat will abate soon. Last night was the coldest we've had in a while, in the 40s and daytime temps will be in the low 70s today. There's a cold front making its way across the country. I hope it gets over to you soon.
In the meantime, look at TechKnitter's tulips buttonholes. Eunny Jang has even done a video on them.

Linda M

This summer I made a conscious decision to try to knit some of the non-wool yarns I've been collecting. I'm making a scarf out of some Blue Heron rayon metallic, a short sleeved top out of some Berroco Origami yarn, and socks out of Sockotta for me, and i finished a little top out of some bamboo I wanted to use up (I need to update my Ravelry pages - no pix yet). I realized I have enough non-wool yarns for the next five or six summers easily! I'm also dreaming of getting back to my wonderful wools when it gets cold again - I look at my Norwegian knitting books and dream of someday knitting one of the colorful masterpieces I like so mucy.

Knitting Granny

Once when Mark Hatfield came to our high school he made a reference to "John, Paul, Ringo and George". I had no idea who he was talking about. I was so into classical music. . . Later, in college I had turned down the chance to attend a Simon and Garfinkle concert at U of O for a bus ride to Portland to attend an opera (something by Wagner - it was awful). Thankfully I did manage to "discover" at least some of my generation's popular music - though it was late in coming. Thanks for the memories.

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