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June 25, 2010



I love your comment, "knitting doesn't have to be rational." My knitting life in a nutshell! I like the Monkey pattern too - it really does hold up to patterned yarn. And I, too, am finding that I am gravitating more to semi-solids. FYI - I made a huge score this week. An elderly friend had been left a lot of craft books by a friend of hers who passed away. She doesn't knit so she asked me to come over and check out the knitting books. I didn't expect much, but was thrilled to come away with a whole stack of OOP Dale books! Don't envy your weather, but your garden is lovely. Our tomatoes are still struggling.

Caroline M

Having a pair of well fitting socks spoils you for shop socks, they will never again be good enough.

Your garden looks lovely, there's no wonder that the deer are keen to visit.


Your Monkeys look terrific! How flexible are the Blackthorn needles? I still haven't quite figured out what they are made of, but I can't stand rigid dpns, they make my hands hurt.

And your garden is looking fabulous. I adore beets. I usually slice them after they're cooked and toss with a bit of olive oil and raspberry vinegar. They're also really really good put into a potato leek soup, it makes a lovely pink chilled soup for summer!


Love the socks - that variegated yarn looks fantastic in that stitch pattern! I can see why you were obsessed with variations on that theme. And yeah, "knitting doesn't have to be rational." Totally agree on that one! The garden is super impressive.

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