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April 09, 2010


Caroline M

There's plenty of time to think about the neck, I'm sure there will be an evening when you'd rather play with a sketchpad than with wool.


I think your planned changes will work well. I agree with you on the 90% ribbing to body ratio - that's the way I like my ribbing as well. I also don't like wide cuffs.

H. Miller

Marjorie - I really enjoy your blog and I've added a link to mine. The entrelac cardigan is exactly what I've been looking for - and I found you by doing a Google search for "entrelac cardigan'! Isn't technology marvellous? And I agree with your take on the fit of Philosopher's patterns - it didn't matter when I was making ski sweaters for the kids, but now that my size is a bit rounder, I like a slimmer shape. Next time I see Eugene or Anne, I'll mention that they should update their pattern sizing! Happy knitting.

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