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March 01, 2010



What a weekend!! Glad the birds ended up being OK. When our power went out for three days, it was summertime so we didn't have the heat problem but we had the others of no TV, internet, refrigerator (everything in both refrigerators had to be thrown out) etc. The thing that made me crazy was not being able to sew, and no lights at night to knit. Our snowblower is gas powered - I've never seen an electric one, interestingly.

Sorry it was such a crappy birthday. I look forward to seeing your Laela FO.

Caroline M

A memorable birthday indeed. I'm struggling to think what else you could have done for the birds - watching water boil was an inventive measure.

We have no heat if the electricity goes off, the boiler is self lighting and I don't think the fire will light without electricity. It's not something that yo think about until it happens.

I'll be glad to see the spring.

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