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February 11, 2010



Very pretty. Yoke sweaters, even though they make an easy knit, always surprise me. I'm never prepared for just how larger a yoke is as compared to the shoulders of a sweater that is knit in pieces. You probably don't need to rush the completion, though. It doesn't look like winter will end anytime soon.

Linda M

It is looking very lovely! The finished sweater is going to be great.

When I have to do matching decreases like for sleeves, I mark each decrease stitch with a clip-on stitch marker like the green or orange plastic safetypin markers. I can then count the decreases more easily when I'm trying to figure out why my sleeves don't match. Of course, if I forget to mark a decrease I have to find it first!


I really like the rose motif. On the grafting, I ran across a pattern that actually *planned* to have a different number of stitches on each side of the armhole for grafting (Aquitaine, the one I finished recently) and couldn't believe it. Why would anyone plan to be off - wouldn't it be easier just to make each side match instead of actually directing people to basically fudge it? It worked out fine, you can't even tell even if you do stare at the underarms (but I agree that should be at the viewer's own risk!)

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