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January 25, 2010


Judy G.

I really know what you mean about setting the problem aside and attacking it later. I have no doubt that the solution you use will render the fix invisible, and you will have many more happy wears!

Laela is going to be very pretty.


I, too, know what you mean about setting the problem aside. My
Sirdal is taking a rest as well as my brain! I think I should tackle one of the Lopi-Lite patterns like you are knitting now. I
have no issues with those patterns! Yours looks lovely.


Linda M

Laela is looking lovely! It is always nice to have a happy project to work on while contemplating a challenge. I know you'll get the cuff right: you are too persistent not to get it the way you want it. I've taken at least three sweaters apart across the midsection after they've been knit in order to fix something and had "fun" grafting them back together again. In fact, I'm contemplating a new grafting project that will create trapezoid shaped pieces to fill in the notches on the hem of the Berroco Wakame pattern. I've decided I want an even hem rather than a staggered one, but I'm not willing to reknit the whole thing!


I confess that the one time I grafted ribbing, I turned the work every 2 stitches so the stockinette was facing me. Tedious, but that's what the pattern suggested, and it worked. I'm sure you'll get yours right in time--you're almost there.
Laela looks good.

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