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January 07, 2010



I hate casting on so many stitches at once (or having so many on the needles when knitting top down sweaters and being at the point of *almost* being able to separate the sleeves) but the seamlessness is worth it. Sometimes I don't even bother counting as I'm going along casting on and just count when I think I'm in the right ballpark - it saves me from recounting. Happy New Year!


I always blame circular needles for my stitch counting problems. Once those stitches go from the needle end to the cable, they get up to all sorts of tricks -- hiding behind each other, twisting up, etc. It's easy to get a different result every time you count.



Here's wishing you a New Year with nothing but GOOD surprises-- how are things going with your husband's recovery by the way? I still think the Oregon vest KAL in September or so is a good idea. I suppose I should start working up to it as well...

Caroline M

I'm good to about 80 stitches and after that I make things difficult for myself every time. I know the tricks to get it right and I still end up with the wrong number or what I think is the right number (counted three times) except that it's the right number for a different size.

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