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November 13, 2009


Linda M

I'm in the Knit a Norwegian group too! I'm planning to knit the Polar Bear pullover because it is mostly just two colors with a third accent color (but your color for Sirdal is lovely). I'm using November and December to practice my stranding. I just finished the Selbu Modern hat (planning to soak and block it today), and I have two other small stranded projects lined up for the end of the year. If I don't feel ready to take on a sweater in January my fallback position is a two color Dale of Norway pillow in the Damask pattern. It will be boring but the kit I bought years ago actually goes with the living room furniture I've been collecting. Maybe someday I'll feel ready to handle all the color changes in a Starmore. I love your kit, but I'm called by the Queen Anne's Lace pattern in Stillwater. It is on my dream list.

Linda M

I forgot to say, everything I've read about stranded knitting tells me that the dominant color has to come up from below the main color. Are you going to try two-handed stranding? I am teaching myself to do it. With two handed stranding the dominant or pattern color is held in the left hand and the background in the right. It worked for me on my hat. During the hat knitting I practiced three different ways to use my left hand and I think I've found one that works. I want to practice some more before I commit but I'm getting there.


I received Oregon for my birthday this year. With the folly of youth I attempted a four-color jacquard Phildar cardigan as my second foray into knitting twenty years ago. My sister still wears it, but my lack of knitting experience shows. This project truly intimidates me... I applaud the steps you are taking to "train" for it, and would love to do a KAL with you when you are ready, especially since I'd like to modify the armscyes!


I've been doing stranded knitting pretty much forever, but the one thing that has always given me grief is combining a very dark color with a very light color (like navy with white). Every teensy little flaw just screams to be noticed. If you learn a technique that makes this kind of color combo work, I'd love to know about it.



Those are all good choices! I'm thinking of doing a stranded sweater next year as well. Have you seen these:

I think the Fair Rosamund is the one I'd try first, though it might be a bit ambitious!

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