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October 16, 2009


Judy G.

That is beautiful! I'm sure when the buttons are done up the buttonhole placement won't be an issue.

Sorry you won't be heading to Rhinebeck this weekend. Here we're just hoping that it warms up to above freezing so we can blow out the sprinkler lines before they freeze and explode. Sounds like good weather all over to hunker down and knit!


Sorry about Rhinebeck. That's a bummer. I wish I could send you our 80-degrees and sunshine.

Thora is looking gorgeous. Do you have the buttons already or are they yet to be found?



This just annoys me to no end. We live in such a throw-away society. It's not just that particular company, a lot of companies make products that are way more expensive to fix than to just buy a new one.

The sweater is looking lovely. I've never knit a saddle shoulder sweater either.

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