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July 29, 2009


Caroline M

What a lot of work as a result of moths! I hope that it all comes out right in the end and that you don't end up with a total reknit.


The title of your post is way too familiar to most knitters, if that's any consolation! I don't always feel in control and sometimes I can't help but imagine a real antagonism between the project, or the yarn, or both, and my determination to finish it. I'd be upset too, Thora really is a gorgeous pattern that deserves to treat you right.

Of the two jackets I especially like the top one. The edging on #2 is very pretty however.

Wool Enough

I'm with you on the ankle problem. Mine are slightly less than 8" around. It's a tremendous challenge to find stitch patterns that will stretch enough to get the sock over the heel but still pull in enough to stay up. And sometimes I think the yarn itself makes the difference. Tightly plied yarns like Louet Gems (and its various hand-dyed sisters) often work well.

And condolences re Thora. What a pain!


Well poop!! I'm amazed that you're still knitting after all of this frustration. That you would have the stamina to restart Thora is mind boggling. Although I have my Dale sweater with the moth problem and I will definitely start it again sometime.


Oh wow! I can't believe that you are going to knit it all over again. You rock as a knitter!


Oh man. I'd just burn the whole mess, but then I do have that little patience problem. ;-)

I love both of those Frost jackets. They are just classics.

Barbara M.

How funny.... I just measured my ankle and found that like yours, I'm below average.... slightly less than 8 inches. Which explains why, although I love handknit socks, the only ones I'm truly happy with are 66 stitches around, knit in a 2-1 rib which I continue all the way down the top of the foot. These fit beautifully, but as soon as I try a pattern or cable, I feel like I've wasted my knitting time and effort. Thanks for the explanation!


Gorgeous new sock yarn! If nothing else, at least the fiasco resulted in some great new stash! You're a better woman than I am with all that re-knitting. That's determination!


You ought to get some sort of prize for reknitting that!! But I guess it's a testament to how much you love it! I'll be keeping you and Ed in my thoughts later this week.

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