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July 03, 2009


Caroline M

I've never had a moth problem but that doesn't stop me looking for them every six months. If all you've lost is a ball then you will have got away lucky, not too painful a learning experience.

I like broccoli but so do the local pigeons, they never left much for me.


I would get rid of those two skeins right away, Marjorie. I've never had moths, but my daughter who works in the theatre has had this problem (it came from borrowing things from the Wardrobe Dept). Nip it in the bud, I say.

A shame though = that's a beautiful colour. Congrats on the broccoli!


I haven't had any experiences with moths yet (knock on wood) but I bet you won't end up needing all of that damaged skein. I think looser knitters use less yarn (at least I know this is true for me) and I usually have yarn left over. Love the bird pic!! You are really becoming an expert photographer!

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