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July 16, 2009


Caroline M

At least the deer are big enough to see. The hole could have been in a more conspicuous place and there could have been more than one but it's still not a good news story is it?


Wow, you are getting pestered! I bought a tomato plant with two tomatoes already on it Lowe's, and the little bastard squirrels swiped both of them this week! They are SO not getting any peanuts this weekend! Ungrateful little terrorists.


How heartbreaking! Having been through the m**h problem myself I know how exasperating it is. We also have deer and last year they ate my most fragrant roses. Sigh.


oh no oh no oh no! I hope you'll be able to fix it and that the pests stay away!


That is terrible!!! I would be especially upset about the slip stitch hole. Yuck. I guess I should be glad that the only pests I seem to have at the moment are rabbits. Everywhere I look, there's a rabbit nibbling on my flowers.


My deepest sympathy. Especially as regards the "m" word. The decontamination process kind of reminds me of the time my daughter came home with lice in her hair(I think I'd better go do some stash patrol)...

Judy G.

Sending sympathy...Never had that problem (touch wood). Maybe that's why some people only use acrylic???

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