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July 20, 2009


Linda M.

Thora is gorgeous and I think it will be very flattering on you. I hope the sleeve color blends well enough. did you think at all about alternating strands of the two dyelots to help blend them together? I am going to have to try to make those closed cables some day. I love the way they look in Lavold's and St*rmore's designs.


Well, it was nice of you to stimulate the economy anyway! You're doing your part to end this recession, right? ;) The garden looks so great!

Wool Enough

Thora is simply stunning. Y'know one thing I have done in the past when two dyelots didn't quite match (one darker, one lighter) was to gently soak the darker one in warm water for a bit to 'encourage' it to lighten up. Of course, if they're off as to hue, that's a different issue entirely.

Caroline M

I hope that the dyelots turn out to be close enough to call it a match. Your garden looks lovely, we had our first potatoes yesterday. We have no beans this year, the dog ate them all as soon as they went in.


Look at your garden grow! I hope you have enough yarn because that is too gorgeous not to be finished!

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