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June 07, 2009



Your salad mix looks fabulous. What a great mix. I have salad envy and can't wait until our farmer's market starts up.

Caroline M

This should be an interesting knit, for us if not for you. The element of suspense just adds that little something.

Dan grew his own salad this year, it's for the guinea pig and we have been told (often) that it is not for parents, at all, ever. We do have our own but I know that will be bound for the squeaky pig just as soon as she's seen the end of her own leaves.


I definitely have salad envy. We got some red leaf from a farm stand on Saturday and it is 1000 times better than the grocery store's. As for the Zara, maybe the people on Ravelry that didn't run out of yarn were tight knitters? I know I would need a bigger needle than most people for tiny yarn and I knit really tightly.

Wool Enough

Those greens look yummy. How wonderful to have space for a garden. And I'm looking forward to the thrills of Thora's yarn supply.


I think you'll be fine on the yarn - being a looser knitter seems to help me never run out of yarn. Great looking greens!! YUM.


I'm the same way. I get nervous when there's not enough of the things we need (not the things we want!) Must be prepared at all times. I wonder why that is?

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