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May 25, 2009


Caroline M

I need a cage like that, the dog chewed up most of the beans (roots and all). It's still early enough to sow more but I suspect that he'll eat those too.

One size of 51" dates the pattern nicely.


The words to that madrigal are a hoot! You are certainly ambitious with your knitting. I'm sticking to tried and true simple right now due to other stresses in my life. I'll be interested to see your cages. When I do succumb to vegetable gardening (and I will!), we will certainly need cages as we have lots of deer and bunnies.


My inner Eeyore quite likes the Ezra Pound pastiche... I'll look forward to seeing your Japanese stitch swatches. Sounds like you'll have plenty to keep you out of trouble between the knitting and the garden!


Thora is a gorgeous sweater, but all that seed stitch! I love every one of your swatching yarns, the colors are gorgeous. That Brooks Farm Solo Silk is just beautiful.


You have some big projects going on! I've been borrowing the Neatby DVDs from the library and they are really good!

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