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May 13, 2009


Caroline M

I've knitted in German, Finnish and Norwegian but never Japanese. The advantage is that very limited vocabulary, you know you need to cast on "some", knit a length and do some shaping, all you have to do then is seek out the key words. I'm not at all sure that I'd manage Japanese though because of the characters.


Well, I have always wanted to learn Japanese. Perhaps if I restrict myself to knitting vocabulary I can manage it. Your mention of hitherto unseen stitch patterns is terribly alluring.


Someday, when I have a lot more experience, I will tackle "Am Kamin"...


I have the two 300 books and the 500 one shown in your photo. Japanese stitch pattern books are wonderful! I like the graphic stitch how-tos in the back, which explain what the chart symbols mean. Their pattern books are great, too. I got mine through Kinokinuya, which is a chain of Japanese book stores that can be found in larger cities. Happy Knitting! :)


Seriously, you can't have too many great knitting books!

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