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May 11, 2009



Those are all lovely. (The birdies are cute, too.) I'll bet the old photo of your shawl is stored somewhere in whatever Typepad uses for photo storage. It no longer matters, though. I think the new photos are better.


Arbor Rose looks great, and I really love both of the modeled shawl shots. Dying over here at the Birdz in the Hood comment. Hilarious!!!

Speaking of smiling for the camera, I just had that photo session with that photographer for the web site update pics - UGH. He kept trying to take these really cheesy "serious, looking down or off camera" shots of me. I hate those type of pictures. Watch, those will be the ones that Leslee picks.

Caroline M

I love the shots of the hoodlums, funny that it's just the one colour that appeals to them.

I've knitted one or two shawls with Faroese shaping and they sit so much better on the shoulders than straight triangles.


Beautiful beautiful work! You are an artist!

Linda M

I have always wanted to make Myrna's faroese shawl, maybe I'll start it sooner rather than someday. Arbor Rose looks lovely, it'll be great next winter. and of course I love the bird pix: hoodlums, huh?? Glad to see that Larry Bird is out and flying with Addi. They look so tiny when they are out and about, smaller than when in their cages.


Arbor Rose is gorgeous. Looks great on you. I especially like the way the cables flow into the neckline.


It is interesting to see the Faroese shawl (shaped) right next to Bee fields (unshaped). I just bought myself the Stahman book for my birthday and look forward to knitting some shaped shawls. Your Rose Arbor looks great!


All of those are lovely! The sweater fits you perfectly, and the color is fabulous.

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