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March 28, 2009



I'll remember your story when people talk about how great it would be to be self employed! When we first got Maggie she quit eating and had diarrhea. For weeks we were obsessed with poop like any new parent. I sympathize!


Cracking up at the title...hopefully you figure out what the problem is with Addi soon. The vegetable garden sounds amazing. Maybe some day I'll find a landscaper who'd be agreeable to planting one for me as I hate gardening of any sort. Arbor Rose is looking good so far - can't wait to see the end result!


The sweater is looking good.

I'm with Dorothy in that we know more about dog poop than we care to. Here's to Addi's poop improving!


Oh, my goodness! Collecting birdie poo! The things we go through with our pets. Well, perhaps it will make work look slightly more attractive.

Judy G.

I had visions of a catheter. Your way is better.

The sweater parts look nice. I may put a cable in a sock at some point.


You are a machine! I hope the crush of work is over and you are happily gardening and knitting. The weather has been gorgeous.

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