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March 22, 2009



The garden is so plain right now but I can see it bursting with color soon! I do not have a green thumb.


I like the third version of the basketweave pattern. I think the vertical/horizontal proportions are much better.

And I'm coveting your compost bins. I've been badgering John to make me some.


Wow. It appears from the photo that you have a hugemongous garden! I'm a knitter & novice gardener myself, and I am especially interested in your compost bins. For several years I have had a small garden that has been Miracle Growed to within an inch of it's life. This year we are planning to expand it a LOT, and I thought it might be better if we start composting.

Is it difficult? I read a few articles online, and some of them mentioned buying worms, "brown matter" and also purchasing a pretty expensive composting system that consists of a big drum that must be watered & turned daily. Your system looks quite a bit simpler than that.

Oh, and 15 different kinds of lettuce & greens? That's so cool!


I've been feeling kind of out of balance myself lately between knitting, sewing and the rest of my life. Just kind of out of sorts. I like the final version of the basketweave swatch. It looks great in that yarn.

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