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March 02, 2009



I haven't been finishing as many sweaters lately either. Between Habanero with its 6 stitches to the inch, and my dithering about Tang, I've really been slowing down (not to mention the afghan sampler that I've been working on.) Arbor Rose looks great so far.


Or as an alternative for sweater #3, you could knit it for me - I have no body shaping! Seriously, I am straight up and down with no waist. I have tried knitting things with waist shaping to give the illusion, but I'm not sure that has been all that successful. On the other hand, it seems to relieve me of agonizing about how to shape sweaters! I forgot my camera on my walk, but actually saw blooming crocus and daffodils about ready to bust. However, there might be some temporary snow later this week!


Yay for snow! That is going to be another great sweater!

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