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February 18, 2009



Arbor Rose is a perfect name for it! Hope you are able to resurface soon after catching up on work!


Yes, I would be much more tempted by a pattern for Arbor Rose over Sweater #2! Either way, it's looking great and I imagine will be a very flattering style.


That's going to be beautiful! That pattern is so lovely - Arbor Rose is a great name for it!


Arbor Rose is a terrific name. And a sweater that lovely should have a glamorous name. I, too, have trouble naming projects; my original-design cable sweater is called "Gold Cable V-Neck." Dreadful. You are inspiring me to do better.

Caroline M

I have difficulties with naming things. I dye fibre and call it "red, pink and black" because that's it is are while other people are coming up with "ashes of roses" and suchlike. I blame it on being trained as a scientist and then an accountant, neither profession is renowned for flights of fancy.

I think Arbor Rose has a better future than Sweater #2, Fancy Cable is totally eliminated - what was BW thinking of there?


Boy, do I love that sweater! The yarn color is gorgeous. And that little cable knot is fabulous. I'd buy that pattern even if it was named Sweater #2!

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