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February 10, 2009



"Bottomlinewise" - UGH!!! That's almost as bad as "dollarwise" or even the scary "dollarize" - as in a verb that means "to convert (such as a plan or strategy) to dollars." I've heard both of those in my office. Another goofy one is "artifacts" to refer to Powerpoint presentations - this is one the accounting firms have glommed onto. I know, glommed is probably not a word, but as we're using made-up words...

Congrats to Will! And I definitely agree with starting another project. I will never argue with any strategy that prevents a knitless night.

Judy G.

Something that bothers me is when nouns are verbized. There's a great commercial on tv right now for I can't remember what, but the consultants could be straight out of a Dilbert cartoon. they speak in corporate lingo, and say precisely nothing. The only thing that they don't include is something about a paradigm shift.

Scrabble-wise, I was at a wedding in December where there was no program at the reception, but the groom's side of the family came with Scrabble boards and instead of mixing with the bride's side, all they did was play Scrabble. The groom sat for two hours with his back to the room and played Scrabble. They all had laminated cheat sheets. It was surreal.

Oh yes, and in big news today, I have nominated you for a Blog Award. (I got one, so I don't know how prestigious it actually is.) If you want to check out the details, it's on http://judithgay.wordpress.com . I really enjoy your blog, and it's one of the first I check out every day. Thanks for writing it!

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