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February 05, 2009



The sleeve is perfect! I've done the same thing with sleeves - knit them seamlessly up to the armhole, then knit the cap flat. I did that on my yellow Lace & Cable sweater (that Kathy Zimmerman pattern.)

Barbara M.

This sweater looks absolutely gorgeous! You have done a wonderful job, Marjorie. I have a first of my own to report.... just finished a "Wonderful Wallaby" for myself, and used the magic loop to knit the sleeves. (I just figured out magic loop, and I'm very impressed with its versatility.) After reading your post and admiring your pictures, I'm inspired to go for a few more first for myself.

Wool Enough

That first sleeve looks like an absolutely perfect fit. Can't wait to see the whole sweater.


The more you show of the sweater, the more excited I get to see it finished. You are an amazing knitter!


The sleeve is beautiful. As for the "ugly blobs" in back, I have two words - shaping camisole. I have several and they're much more comfortable than you might think. Much quicker fix than losing weight.

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