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January 08, 2009



Great yarns! I agree with you on trying to plan out the sweaters you want and need in your wardrobe. Over on Patternreview, and in a sewing context, they call it "SWAP" (sewing with a plan). I need to knit and sew with a plan in 2009!

Linda M

I love the China Apple color. I have it in Classy, it is stashed for Wisteria (some day). Sounds like your 12 sweater goal is going to be fun to attempt.


Beautiful stash enhancement. I do like Smooshy, although I've not been impressed by their Baby yarn. I'd still like to know what Chinatown Apple is - brown?? When I Google it, I just get links to the yarn. I never really thought about your revising and innovating being tied in to being an editor, but it makes sense!


Very nice stash enhancement indeed. I scrolled thru your post going "ooooh", "ahhhh," and "oh, what a neat idea." Great picture of Chinatown Apple too, captures the color variation. That colorway is the dickens to photograph; I had no success at all taking pix of the yarn, although the pix of the ensuing socks showed the color pretty well.

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