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January 25, 2009


Caroline M

I think that you are right, the rib and cable will do most of your shaping for you. I think the pistachio sweater would work exceptionally well on the flat chested, the pattern forces attention upwards.


I've kind of lost my interest in knitting sweaters for a while, but those pictures make me want to jump back into the pool. They are all gorgeous! I may have the check our library for the book as well - I love that blue cardigan.


I like the men's sweater on the left a lot! I also borrowed the Classic Elite book from the library and the green sweater on the left was the one I liked best. I have to check my Classic Elite pattern booklets, though, to see if I've already got that pattern. I recognized a number of the designs from booklets I already own. I thought they had a couple of nice men's sweaters in the book, but I decided I wasn't going to buy it.


Forgot to say that I also like Kathy Zimmerman's designs - the Lace & Cable sweater I made awhile back in the yellow-orange color was one of hers, from one of the CE booklets.

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