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January 11, 2009


Caroline M

I can think of times when you'd want to wear the black sweater. If you had a really bad hair day or grew a second nose you could rely on those sleeves to divert attention from those tricky problem areas. I can't see a line on the sweater that says "look I changed skeins here", I know that you can but honestly, I can't


I always get a kick out of "fashion trends". I'm not sure exactly who their target audience is, except a teen tiny fraction of aristocratic anorexics. I think I'll stick with my jeans and sweatshirts. Ok, I guess I could graduate to jeans and hand knit sweaters. You're certainly making a great start.


Getting back into the blog reading now and catching up on your posts - I love that you take us along on your designing. This is going to be lovely! Happy 2009 to you!


What in the living hell is that black sweater? That thing is FUGLY. Anyway..sorry about the Tess variations. That stinks. I wouldn't have expected that either with a tied bundle. I'm sure the 2 pounds will leave you soon. At least it's just 2 pounds that you have to get rid of - some people scare me when they say they've gained another 10 on top of 10 they gained last year. YIKES.

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