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January 14, 2009


Caroline M

I had to laugh at your first paragraph because this week I messed up an eight row pattern. It wasn't hard to spot the error but I'd managed it (in-out, in-out, in-in). It was a pity that I had 430 stitches in a row....

I'm a big believer in dropping down the cable and knitting it back up again row by row. If it goes wrong you have to pull it all back but you were doing that anyway.


Sorry about the cable mistake. I never drop the cable and reknit - I frog too. I wish I could get better at fixing cables that go astray, but I seem to also end up with a mess and frog anyway. I always feel bad about frogging, like I should be able to fix it without doing so, too - so I feel a little better that at least I'm not the only one. I also agree about wide sleeves - impractical. I like a slight flare sometimes, but not too much.


It bugs me so much when I make a mistake like that - especially with cabling rounds. It always takes so much energy trying to figure out how to fix it rather than just frogging back to where it should be. Argh.


Yeah, it's the simple patterns that do me in too! Morrigan is on my list to do too - pretty ambitious for this year for you, but maybe you need more challenge to keep you on track!

Judy G.

That sweater looks like a challenge, but beautiful. If any of my knitterly friends can give it its due, you can.

Good luck with the pink one. In our house frogging always freaks out my husband more than me. It's almost worth doing it just to see his reaction.

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