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December 11, 2008



Oh my, good luck!

Elizabeth I is on my to do list as well. Such a gorgeous sweater.

Caroline M

It sounds as if you're aiming high with this one but finishing the wips would give you a good start.


Oh, good luck! I thought about joining this, but there is just no way I'd ever get there. I have requests for two big lace shawls from family members, so that will take a lot of my knitting time. I've decided to pick a number of sweaters I can reasonably complete, and make that my goal. Maybe 4?


Wow. This project sounds like Everest for knitters! It will be fun to watch your progress.


Oh, my! Who comes up with these ideas? I think I could knit a sweater in a month. Once. It's doing it every month for 12 solid months that would be a problem. But, as you say, even if you slip by a few, you've still done a lot and had fun. And those gorgeous yarns are just crying to be knit up and worn. I especially like the Jo Sharp Alpaca Georgette.


This is going to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys (giggle!)!!! I am going to be cheering you from the sidelines (WAY from the sidelines) and basking in your glory if you actually do it. Can you say cheerleader?


What a list! and not one baby sweater in it, either... I am curious to see what you settle on with the Primero yarn. I couldn't figure out a good sweater project for mine and settled on a shawl.


Good luck with the sweater/month! That's going to be fun to watch Cheering you on!

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