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November 30, 2008


Caroline M

I usually think of it in terms of the people that you used to see on tv spinning plates - they start with just one and then work up to silly numbers. With a little time spent on each you can keep them all turning on their poles. I'm not tempted by the mittens but all the other browns look good enough to eat.

Judy G.

I have the Folk Shawls book, but haven't yet tried anything from it. Chocolate cake? Now that I could try.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!


Ed's hat is a treasure (such small stitches, so much ribbing). I'm sure it's warm and snuggly. The mittens are cute and the box of yarn and other knitting goodies looks great, but get that cake away from me! I don't need to eat anything else after this holiday. :D


Lots of great eye candy - from the Knit Picks order to the chocolate cake. Actually the cake looks better than the usual pumpkin pie, etc. I'll have to keep it in mind for next year. I'm itching the get the Nancy bush book, but since I put it on my Christmas wish list, I guess I should restrain myself!


I hope he appreciates all those tiny stitches! The cake looks so yummy!

Linda M

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving and Ed got a warm new hat just in time for winter.

Folk Shawls was one of the first wave of knitting books I bought when I started back up again a few years ago. I never actually made anything from it but I knit several of the patterns in my mind! I love the simple elegance of most of the designs. Several of the women from my LYS have made the Wool Peddler's Shawl in alpaca and it is lovely, soft and warm. Too many wonderful patterns, too little time, and the current crushes always seem to push the earlier crushes further down the list til none of them get made.

Wool Enough

Your Knitpicks treasure box looks delightful. I was especially interested in the Gloss yarn. There's a shawl in my Rav queue (Bat Shawl) that calls for Gloss, and I've been thinking of doing it in Cosmos. The color looks just right -- a nice deep purple.


Those projects are great! Chocolate cake is my favorite!


Super looking mittens! The Community Knitting people at the Guild will certainly write to thank you, but allow me to do so now. Receiving parcels from people outside our little city is very motivating. It's very touching that you would do this for us Marjorie, thank you!


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