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November 11, 2008


Caroline M

I was there, it came to the decision on socks and then there was the sweater and my thought was "all of them". I was feeling guilty about having started so many things this week until I sat down and listed them and there are fewer than I thought. I shall be rectifying that later.

I like the brown sock yarn best, very seasonal.


I love the Knitter's Stash book. I think the sweater will look great in the Tess yarn. I hope the cable swatches out ok.
I envy your stash, such variety, such vintage.


Worthy projects all. I am really trying to resist startitis until all of my Christmas gifts are done. I also know that after taking Nancy Bush's class in January I'll be wanting to start a major lace project. For now I'm content to knit socks. That's always a good starting project that doesn't commit you forever!

Wool Enough

I always like to have one of each type of project on the needles -- one sweater, one shawl, and so on. Except for socks; they're small and quick, so two or even three pairs would be okay.

I've never heard of Tess yarn, but yours is beautiful. And it looks to have a nice tight twist too.


Your photos look amazing!! I think you've been spending some quality time with that DSLR camera.

- Love the mittens - great color combo and they are looking really cute. I might have to make these now.

- Love the cabled sweater and I agree it will look better with a bit of waist shaping - and that Tess yarn is TDF. Love it!

- Also love the STR colorway in rose. It's gorgeous!

I would actually do the STR in that rose color first. Can you believe it? I voted for SOCKS?


Yes, all of the above! Love the STR colorway!

Linda M

I was looking at Knitters Stash just the other evening and stopped to contemplate your chosen sweater. I do like those cables and think it will be lovely in your yarn. I don't think I have anything close-to-the-skin soft to use for it and would like to be on a yarn buying moratorium for a while, but I am ever susceptible to the newest, prettiest... Meanwhile I am trying to finish some current WIPs before starting something new, trying to stay focused...


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